Dave Williams at Ince Blundell Lake Fishery

Dave Williams at Ince Blundell Lake Fishery Sefton

Untapped Silvers
Venue, Ince Blundell Fishery, Carr side Lane Liverpool L293EB
Weather Conditions, Windy with gusts up to 30mph and heavy driving rain
Initial Plan, to try and snare one of the Big Carp on the Rods using some new Bait from Bait-Tech
Rods, Poles used, Genesis Pro Feeder Rods with Maver Enigma 4000HS Reels, Maver Elite Carp 3 Pole
Baits for the day, Bait-Tech The Juice Dumbells, 8mm and 10mm Sinkers and Wafters along with a 50-50 mix of Bait-Tech Pro Feeder Dark Groundbait and Special G Dark Groundbait, also had some Dead Red maggots and some live ones too for the Pole if needed.
Today’s session was to be my first visit to Ince Blundell Fishery, and arriving at the lake I could see it was going to be a very windy day for me as the lake was already looking very choppy in the strong wind, so I had a look around the lake for somewhere that the wind was coming off my back, as later on in the day it had forecast heavy rain also, so the far bank from the cabin and down towards the corner where the small wooden bridge was situated looked to be the best option for the day.
I decided to start on the In-line Method feeder, a 25g UFO with a 4 inch hook link and using a 8mm Sinker Dumbell as bait. I knew it would be hard on the feeder waiting for one of the resident Carp to show and interest in my bait, and I sat there for around 3 hours recasting and trying likely looking spots to cast to, and also swapping and changing the size of hookbait from 8mm to 10mm and also from Sinkers to Wafters to Pop ups, but to no avail not so much as a liner from anything, so I started to think about the Silvers in the lake and maybe getting the pole out and seeing what might lay beneath the surface, just as I was ready to reel in for the last time,  the tip flew round and fish on... not a Carp but a nice Skimmer had taken the Yellow 8mm Sinker bait, (Yeeeha!!!). Still thinking about a massive Carp I had one last cast but again nothing, so the trusty pole came out.
With coming off the feeder rod I still had some of the groundbait mix left, so I added some dead red maggots to it and wetted it down a touch just to make it a bit wetter as I wanted it to stay compact in the water and reach bottom in a solid ball as the water was so deep in front of me. Still with the carp in mind, I set up a Dino  1.0g Carpdrome float with the wind so strong and the water so deep I was thinking about the float being stable in the conditions and with the shape of the float it worked perfect for me, 0.14 main line down to 0.11 hook link and a size 18s Maver ES43 hook, perfect for Silvers.
Time was moving on now and I was thinking of putting a few fish in the net, other than the one Skimmer I had on the tip. Picking a marker out I set about attacking the swim at 11meters and about 1 inch over depth to help combat the tow just a bit more with 2 dead red maggots on the hook I was ready to go. First put in I shipped out and the float settled then vanished and a tiny 1oz Roach was in the net. Having a bite the first put in I decided to feed heavy on the hemp, potting in via a cad pot with a few dead reds mixed in, it seemed like someone had turned the on switch to on and the swim came alive, Roach, Perch (Tiny), followed buy Skimmers and Rudd, I even changed baits to a worm head to see if I could hit any bigger Perch, but all I could hit was the small ones. A change to a single live Red maggot brought a steady stream of nice palm size roach to the net and a couple of decent size Rudd too. Keeping the swim topped up with small balls of groundbait I managed to pick of some more Skimmers before the wind got stronger and had to think about packing up, but the couple of hours I did have on the pole was fantastic, fishing a lake with massive Carp in was nice and to catch some of the untapped Silvers made it even better. If you have a lake like this near you why not give the Silvers a go as am sure you will catch on simple tactics with minimum bait too.
Tight Lines
Dave Williams
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